Pharmaceutical company SULPHUR ZDRÓJ exim

28-100 Busko Zdrój ul. Jana Rokosza 18 NIP [Taxpayer ID no.]  655 000 13 38 REGON [Business ID no.] 290023772

The phone is available 24 hours a day for complaints and withdrawals

ph: 41 378-78-93 ph/fax: 41 378-48-88

Reporting side effects of medicinal products: ph/fax: +48 41-378

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Manufacturing plant

28-100 Busko Zdrój ul. Bohaterów Warszawy 116a
ph/fax 41 378-78-93 e-mail:
Plant Manager:
Quality Control Manager:
Production Manager:
Sales Department:

Access map - main office

Access map - production plant