P. Farm. SULPHUR ZDRÓJ from Busko-Zdrój is the only Polish manufacturer of medications made from natural medicinal minerals: sulphide brine and aqueous peloid extract.

Unique anti-rheumatic medications: bals sulphur sulphide gelpeloid ointment and reumogel reumogel peloid gel  ave been effectively helping ill people for over 20 years. Medications based on natural minerals are used not only in rheumatic diseases. Psoriasis and seborrheic dermatosis are treated with mineral sulphide shampoo ZDRÓJ. In periodontitis, the following medications are effective – pelogel  pelogel peloid gel  for gums and sulphide toothpaste sulphodent.

The company SULPHUR ZDRÓJ also offers spa products, manufactured in the standard of medications. They are characterized by the highest quality of pharmaceutical raw materials, constant and controlled amount of active substance, as well as microbiological purity.

SULPHIDE TREATMENT: Busko bath sulphide SPA,  Busko sulphide mask, hypoallergenic sulphide body gel,  mineral  ulphide soap, mineral sulphide  cream with vit. A, Mineral SPA shampoo, Mineral SPA conditioner.

PELOID TREATMENT: bath peloid  SPApeloid „plus”  for body and face compresses,  hypoallergenic peloid body gel, do ciała, peloid body butter for peloid massage.

The quality and effectiveness of medications and SPA products of SULPHUR ZDRÓJ are guaranteed by the GMP certificate (Good Manufacturing Practice no. GIF-IW-400/0082_01_01/04/144/15).


GMP "Good Manufacturing Practice” Certificate.