The spine is one of those parts of the body we are reminded of when it starts to ache. It is a common complaint; it is believed that spinal pain syndromes affect over 70% of the population above 30 years of age, and the incidence rate is higher than in hypertension and heart disease. Spinal pain may be a symptom of a disease occurring in sore joints, but it may also be a symptom of a disease whose source lies in a completely different part of the body. Most often, however, back pain is a non-specific symptom, and its underlying features include changes in the osteoarticular and muscle system.


  • excessive overload on the spine due to overweight, long-lasting forced position (standing, sitting work), lifting weights, lifting heavy objects on straightened knees,
  • injuries - fractures, sprains,
  • osteoarthritis of the spine (spondylosis, discopathy) leads to changes in the intervertebral discs, prolapse of the atherosclerotic nucleus, changes in vertebral body height, bone growths. Its symptom may be the so-called neuralgia (e.g. sciatic, femoral - pressure on the nerve roots, sometimes also on the spinal cord),
  • spondylolisthesis (slipping of the vertebra),
  • ankylosing spondylitis,
  • rheumatoid arthritis (RA)
  • distortion of the spine - mainly scoliosis,
  • osteoporosis.
When should you look for urgent medical help?

There is a group of people in whom the occurrence of back pain should be a reason to quickly visit the doctor, among others, those with bacterial infections, malignant tumour, osteoporosis, diabetes, using immunosuppressive treatment (e.g. steroids). It is disturbing if the pain is accompanied by general malaise of unknown origin and unexplained weight loss. In the event of spinal injury, the possibility of fracture within the spine should always be considered. Of course, every sudden and severe back pain, especially if it did not occur before and its cause is unknown, requires urgent consultation with a doctor. Back pain may be caused by serious diseases such as abdominal aortic aneurysm, malignant tumour or even cranial (subarachnoid) bleeding.


The exception is a situation in which back pain is accompanied by symptoms such as limb paresis, disturbances in passing urine and stool, and sensory disturbance - then surgery may be necessary even up to a dozen or so hours after the occurrence of the discomfort.
  • temporary painkillers (tablets, suppositories),
  • SPA treatment (health resorts, SPA hospitals) in health resorts with deposits of sulphide waters/brines and peloids,
  • the most effective sulphide baths are used in the Health Resort Solec-Zdrój and Busko.
  • kinesiotherapy (gymnastic exercises, rehabilitation pool),
  • physical therapy (laser, magnetron, currents, ultrasounds, iontophoresis and others).

Medications based on natural, SPA minerals are intended for patients who, due to contraindications to conventional SPA treatments or lack of time, cannot take advantage of treatment in a health resort. If the patient has already undergone treatment in a health resort, then using these medications at home extends the effects of the treatment.

The Pharmaceutical Company SULPHUR ZDRÓJ from Busko-Zdrój is the only Polish manufacturer of anti-rheumatic medications made from sulphide brine from the Shaft of Solec at the health resort Solec-Zdrój Sp.j. and concentrated aqueous peloid extract.

SULPHUR ZDRÓJ medications are safe, unlike most other anti-rheumatic medications, they do not have side effects, even with long-term use. These medications, rubbed in 2-3-week series on an affected spine, fight pain, reduce paraspinal muscle tension, clearly improve motor fitness. In physiotherapy institutes and offices, peloid iontophoresis treatments are applied with medicationreumogel (peloid gel), oand iontophoresis and phonophoresis treatments (ultrasounds with medications bals sulphur gel sulphide gel).


Your joints can also be supported by sulphur SPA products. They are produced in the standard of medications, so they are characterized by high quality and effectiveness.

  • sulphide baths in a bathtub using the SPA productBusko SPA sulphide the only Polish-manufactured product made from sulphide brine.
  • peloid SPA peloid bathing lotion with a forest scent,
  • Busko sulphide body mask  (white, without yellow lanolin) for compresses, bath and shower.
  • peloid „plus” microbiologically pure peloid, enriched with almost 20% of concentrated aqueous peloid extract - for spine compresses, wraps.
  • peloid butter for rubbing and warming peloid massages. Using the butter for classical massage strengthens its healing effect.
Quick aid for back pain:

So-called chair lift - lie down on the floor with your feet resting on the seat of a chair so that there is a right angle between the lower legs and the thighs. Align your arms with your body. After about 30 minutes this procedure will bring a distinct relief


Our actions should include the reduction of any extra weight we are carrying, lifestyle modification - sometimes it may be necessary to change jobs from a standing to a sedentary one, we should also reduce the number of hours spent in a sitting position, for example in front of a computer, and make sure we maintain a proper posture while sitting. It is also important to sleep in the right position, choosing a mattress, and even a pillow that adapts to the physiological curvature of the spine. It is extremely important to implement physical exercises aimed at strengthening the muscular system. It is best if a doctor or master of rehabilitation recommends specific exercises, otherwise there is a risk that inadequate exercises will further aggravate the situation. From the point of view of spine pain prevention, it is especially beneficial to swim on the back or go on walks. Marching (e.g. with Nordic walking poles), with gradually increasing intensity of physical exercise, lets you strengthen the spine muscles while minimizing abnormal loads. It should also be taken into account that even frequent or prolonged stress may be an enemy of the spine (as a result of increased muscle tension).