Company history

Pharmaceutical Company SULPHUR ZDRÓJ from Busko Zdrój has been producing medications since 1994. create an alternative for patients who do not have the possibility of treatment in a health resort..We own 100% of domestic capital, which makes us one of the few Polish manufacturers of medications.

We manufacture the only medications in Poland made of natural minerals of ulphate waters and peloids. Their natural richness has been used in the SOLEC-ZDRÓJ and BUSKO-ZDRÓJ  health resorts for almost 200 years - effectively treating diseases of the joints, spine, post-traumatic musculoskeletal injuries and diseases of the skin (mainly psoriasis). Using our medications and SPA products, you can enjoy the treatments used in the best health resorts in your own home. The high quality of our products is confirmed by:

  • Permission of the Main Pharmaceutical Inspector for the manufacture of medicinal products No. 054/0082/15
  • GMP Certificate GIF-IW-400/0082_01_01/04/144/15
  • Permission of the Minister of Health to allow each of the medicinal products to be marketed for an indefinite period
    • peloid ointment 60.0g - Permit no. R/0042
    • bals sulphur gel 300.0g - Permit no. R/3545
    • reumogel 130.0g - Permit no. 9940
    • sulphodent toothpaste 60.0g - Permit no. 8928
    • pelogel 40,0g - Permit no. 7959
    • Zdrój shampoo 130ml - Permit no. 4961

All our products are manufactured in the health resort town of Busko-Zdrój, in production halls that meet the highest standards of pharmaceutical manufacture - GMP. Each series of our products, before it is released for sale, is subject to strict control in the physico-chemical and microbiological laboratory located on the premises, which ensures an invariable high quality of our products.

Products branded by the logo 

are the only SPA products on the Polish market produced in the standard of medications and based on natural minerals - sulphate waters and peloids. It allows us to guarantee that our products:

  • Are standardized - each batch of the product has a constant amount of biologically active substances, thanks to which our products are guaranteed to work.
  • Excipients used for production are the highest quality pharmaceutical raw materials that meet quality standards in accordance with the requirements of the Polish Pharmacopoeia and the European Pharmacopoeia
  • They are microbiologically clean, produced in a factory where the standards of microbiological purity required for medications are strictly adhered to.

SPA products from the series SULPHIDE TREATMENT contain the most valuable components of sulphide waters: divalent sulphur, hydrosulphide ions and colloidal sulphur.

In PELOID TREATMENT we used the wealth of biologically active ingredients concentrated in aqueous peloid extract.

All SPA products are registered in the CPNP database in accordance with the requirements of the European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) on cosmetics.