Bals sulphur gel

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Treat the sick joints and spinal column

  • analgesic, anti-inflammatory medicine,
  • heals injuries of the locomotor system,
  • Improves mobility,
  • for ionophoresis and sulphide phonophoresis treatments.
bals sulphur gel contains biologically active ingredients of sulphide brine: divalent sulphur, hydrogen sulphide ions, colloidal sulphur, ions of calcium, magnesium, iodine, bromine and other valuable micronutrients. The topical gel has an anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect, increases the resorption of inflammatory focal points by improving microcirculation in the tissues. The sulphur compounds absorbed from the skin are involved in the synthesis of chondroitiniar acid, the main building component of articular cartilage. The sulphide brine in contact with the skin forms the so-called "salt mantle", which reduces the excitability of nerve endings and better absorption of valuable medicinal components. Treatment with bals sulphur gel reduces pain when moving and walking. It reduces discomfort after dislocations, fractures and sprains, it accelerates returning to normal movement function of the joints. The use of bals sulphur gel does not burden the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Patients with contraindication to classic sulphide baths may be treated. Composition: 100 g of the medicinal product contains: Active substance: 96.5 g of 2.1% sodium chloride and sodium (sulphide) iodide water from the Solec Shaft boring; Excipients: ethanol 96%; menthol; ethyl hydroxybenzoate; methylcellulose qs.

Nail care product.

  • educes the fragility and splitting of nails,
  • evens the nail plate,
  • reduces the dullness of the nail plate,
  • improves the appearance of the nail folds,
  • reduces the tendency of the perionychium cracking,
  • protects the nail plate with frequent soaking of hands,

Use: Apply the preparation on the nail plate and then massage the preparation thoroughly into the nails and perionychium. It should be used 2-3 times a day for at least 3 weeks.

The effect of the preparation on the nail plate is confirmed by dermatological and application tests.

Package: 10.0 ml


  • Type: Medicines
  • Form: Gel
  • Package: 300 g
  • Availability category: Drugs without a prescription
  • Permission no: R/3545
  • Files to download: leaflet in pdf version, file mp3

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