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Treat the sick joints and spinal column

  • analgesic, anti-inflammatory medicine,
  • Improves mobility,
  • for peloid iontophoresis treatments
Reumogel is a peloid gel containing biologically active: humic acids, fulvic acids, calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium ions, estrogenic bodies, tannins and other valuable micronutrients. Active substances contained in concentrated peloid extract have an anti-inflammatory effect by inhibiting the activity of hyaluronidase and reducing factors that intensify inflammation. Humic acids have ion-exchange properties, which significantly increases the penetration of ingredients through the skin. The release of histamine-like bodies causes the skin's congestion effect, microcirculation in the tissues improves, which speeds up the repair processes. Raising the pain threshold reduces the sensation of pain. Beneficial effects on the joints are also associated with increasing the concentration of cytokines which protect joint cartilage. Using reumogel eliminates the adverse thermal factor (42°-45°C) necessary in classical peloid treatments and enables peloid therapy of those with a weaker immune system, with advanced osteoporosis or cardiovascular diseases. Reumogel is used in peloid iontophoresis and phonophoresis (ultrasounds + reumogel) treatments. Composition: 100 g of the medicinal product contains: Active substance: 48.0 g of aqueous peloid extract; Excipients: pine oil, methylcellulose, ethanol 96%, ethyl parahydroxybenzoate, menthol, distilled water ad. 100.

Auxiliary instructions: 

  • osteoarthritis
  • degenerative spine disease.

Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any excipient.

Dosage and administration method: rub the gel in the sick joints and muscles 2-3 times a day with a light massage. It works most effectively when used in 2-3-week series.

  • Type: Medicines
  • Form: Gel
  • Package: 130 g
  • Availability category: OTC medicines
  • Permission no: 9940
  • Files to download: leaflet in pdf version, file mp3

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