Sulphodent – medical toothpaste

Healthy periodontium as a prerequisite for

  • the health of the entire body
  • Heal periodontitis and gingivitis,
  • Get rid of the unpleasant smell of your mouth,
  • Leave your teeth perfectly clean
The medication sulphodent contains biologically active sulphur compounds: divalent sulphur, hydrogen sulphide ions, colloidal sulphur and calcium, magnesium, iodine, bromine, potassium and other valuable micronutrients. The sodium chloride contained in the toothpaste has antiseptic properties, stimulates the mucous membrane and has a positive effect on salivation. The mineral ingredients of the toothpaste have an anti-inflammatory, astringent effect, they accelerate the renewal and regeneration of the lining of the oral mucosa. Using the toothpaste reduces bleeding from the gums, swelling of gingival papilla, it reduces the amount of secreted gingival fluid. Prevents the loosening and falling out of teeth caused by periodontitis. Toothpaste - the medication also thoroughly cleanses the teeth from dental plaque. Treatment with the toothpaste removes unpleasant smell from the mouth and leaves a long-lasting freshness. Composition: 100 g of the medicinal product contains: active substance: salty sulphide-hydrogen water 36g and mineral salt 1g; Excipients: silica 28g, glycerol 86% 23g, xanthan gum 0.7g, peppermint oil 0.7g, sodium lauryl sulphate 0.8g, sorbitol 7.2g, methyl heroxybenzoate 0.1g, titanium dioxide 1.5g, sucrose 1g.

Indications for use: 

  • periodontitis,
  • gingivitis,
  • prevention of periodontal diseases.

Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to active substances and medication excipients.

Dosage and administration method: Brush teeth 2-3 times a day with toothpaste and gently massage the gums with a soft toothbrush for about 2-3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly after brushing.

  • Type: Medicines
  • Form: Toothpaste
  • Package: 60,0 g
  • Availability category: OTC medicines
  • Permission no: 8928
  • Files to download: leaflet in pdf version, file mp3