Hypoallergenic sulphide gel

Hypoallergenic body care

sulphide gel

Gel components deeply moisturise the skin, reduce excessive peeling of the epidermis, smooth and even the skin tone. The preparation also has a slightly antimicrobial effect. Especially recommended for sensitive skin, with atopy and various allergies.

Busko and Solec Zdrój are health resorts in which rheumatism and skin diseases (especially psoriasis) are effectively treated. Natural sulphide waters contain biologically active sulphur compounds: S2-, HS-, colloidal sulphur. They are also rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium, iodine and other micronutrients. Thanks to the keratolytic properties, the skin is deeply cleansed and prepared for the absorption of valuable ingredients. The keratoplastic effect, through the influence on skin metabolism, stimulates tissue renewal. The flavonoids and phenolic acids from natural eucalyptus oil contained in the gel improve microcirculation in the skin. The gel also has a slightly antiseptic effect. The gel is very well tolerated by sensitive skin, characteristic of people with atopy and all kinds of allergies. Effect:
  • deeply moisturises the skin,
  • smoothes (reduces epidermal peeling and follicular keratosis),
  • evens skin tone.
Use: Spread the gel thinly on clean skin, allow it to absorb. No allergic reactions or irritations were observed in dermatological and application tests. Package: 200.0g

Components (INCI): Sulphide-Sulphide Hydrogen Salty Mineral Water; Methylcellulose; Alcohol; Aqua; Methylparaben; Eucalyptus Globulus leaf oil; Menthol.

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